Production facilities

use Orderstate to:

🚀 Get advance notice of delays
🚀 Perform corrective actions
🚀 Have a bird’s eye view on what needs action
🚀 Improve just-in-time supplies

Get advance notice of delays

Delays happen. But what’s even more important than avoiding a delay, is knowing in advance that it’s going to happen so that you have time to act.

Enforce corrective actions

What do you do when your raw material gets delayed? You replan and do corrective actions to manage the situation. What if you knew the delay well in advance, wouldn’t that give you a huge room to manage the issue?

Bird’s eye view of what needs action

Sometimes you just need the bigger picture. Easily get a glance of what needs to be done and make sure that nothing gets lost in the details.

Improve just-in-time supplies

By managing the shipments, suppliers, timelines more efficiently, you are can drastically improve your inventory and plan your shipments as close to the required date as possible.

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