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End-to-end management of your shipments and operations.


We're changing the way you move freight

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View your orders

Spot delays and inefficiencies on the spot by having a simple dashboard with all your orders.

Track your shipments

Get a detailed view of where your shipment is currently and where it will be next.

Collaborate with your partners

Make order management easier by communicating with your partners without leaving the order.

Automate notifications

Spend less time on communicating updates by fully automating messages and notifications to all interested parties.

Inform your customers

Created dedicated customer views and update your customers on the spot without needs of calls and emails.

Integrate with your systems

2-way communication and information exchange between your ERP/TMS/WMS or other system and Orderstate.


Understand what slows down your business and make data-driven decisions.

Know exactly what happened

Track all actions and know exactly what happened to the order, when and by who.

Find what you need

With advanced filtering and search capabilities, always find the order you need.

Enter data faster

Bulk import orders in the system via advanced CSV import.

Why Orderstate

Simplicity and accuracy

We have designed Orderstate with the aim to make it easy for the user and accurate for the operations.


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