Meet Orderstate and learn about our story, values, and vision.

Our story

Orderstate started when three friends were discussing their work issues and saw that tracking orders was a real pain! We decided to do something about it and Orderstate was created.

We believe in making supply chain simpler. It’s a big job and we need you there.

Our vision

Supply chain is operating with minimal use of technology while data is fragmented in silos, which creates stress for employees, customers and logistics companies. We want to change that by creating a simple tool that manages the whole process seamlessly.

We believe that the whole supply chain needs to be connected. Our vision is to create the whole link between all overlapping orders, and allow full transparency and traceability.

Our team

We are a passionate team of engineers, supply chain experts, designers, world travellers, runners, and generally people who want to do interesting and meaningful things while having fun. One thing we share in common is our passion to build a great product within a company culture that is based on trust and collaboration.

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