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Orderstate helps your company track, collaborate and automate.

Knowledge is power

Use your data to improve your operations and increase your customers' satisfaction.

Manage orders

Have a dashboard with current and past orders and easily spot delays and inefficiencies.

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Collaborate with partners

Assign milestones, share documents, chat with partners and have everybody on the same page.

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Share to customers

Reduce calls and emails by automating notifications and letting your customer check status on the go.

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For traders and freight forwarders

We help importers, exporters and freight forwarders manage their operations, along with all the other partners.

Freight forwarders

Make your customers happy by giving them tools to track their shipments, while you optimize your operations.

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Improve your trades and manage inventory and production more efficiently by closely monitoring shipments and raw material.

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We're changing the way you move freight

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View your orders

Spot delays and inefficiencies on the spot by having a simple dashboard with all your orders.

Track your shipments

Get a detailed view of where your shipment is currently and where it will be next.

Collaborate with your partners

Make order management easier by communicating with your partners without leaving the order.

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