Tired of manually tracking all your orders?

Orderstate automatically tracks your Sea Freight bookings in a single dashboard and notifies you on ETA and other significant updates

One clean dashboard

With Orderstate, all your Purchase Orders and Sales Orders live in a single Dashboard, where you can search, filter, create views according to your needs

Automated tracking

Orderstate automatically updates your Booking number, Bill of Lading, or Container number from the shipping lines, so that the tracking information is always up to date

Order management

Link multiple bookings in an order, see order history, create order workflow, add custom information

Collaborate with your partners

Assign tasks, exchange documents, chat and add comments instantly

API enabled

We also offer programmatic access to your orders and automatic updates

Who can use Orderstate

We help importers, exporters, freight forwarders, production facilities to manage their operations along with all the other partners.

Importer / exporter

Improve your trades and manage inventory and production more efficiently by closely monitoring shipments and raw material.

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Freight Forwarder

Make your customers happy by giving them tools to track their shipments, while you optimize your operations and reduce your costs.

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Production facility

Apply corrective actions, get bird's eye view on supplies, manage just-in-time production, manage suppliers and customers.

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